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Special Shape Cutting Hologram& Security slits

We can make all kind of shape cutting for hologram stickers. Special shape cutting or security slits also can improve your your holograms appearance and security. We can make very skilled shape cutting.

Special Shape Cutting Hologram


Any stellated shape cutting hologram sticker, polygonal shape hologram sticker.


Any hologram sticker grotesque in shape


Medal shape hologram

Rhombic shape hologram sticker


Any hologram sticker grotesque in shape


Dog bone shape hologram sticker

dumbbell shape hologram sticker


Peculiar shape hologram sticker


Annular shape hologram sticker. This hologram sticker size is 150mm in dia


Dog bone shape hologram


Dot matrix can make lots kinds of kinematic movement effects included in hologram stickers, such as animated multi color lines movement, animated flying bird, sparkle effect, kennetgram, modulate depth effect, dead color(solid white color), peralogram with chennals, raster text, microtext multi color, gradient effect, concealed text, expanding colors, speider's net gradiation effect, kinematic, dots grating, shrinking & kinematic, kinematic movement dots in different styles. All these are simple dot-matrx effects which is achieved easily by dot matrix system.

dot-matrix effect 1: Zoom in Zoom out effect: circle, square, rhombus, polygon, word, curve
dot-matrix effect 2: Movement of curtain effect: two direction, one direction, or XY_ direction
dot-matrix effect 3: Pearlescent effect: polygon movement of ray, random kinematic movement ray, combination of kinematic movement ray
dot-matrix effect 4: Revolving ray effect: whatever revolving shape of curve, revolving effect of line, etc
dot-matrix effect 5: Projective effect: whatever word, whatever font, recombination of image projection flex
dot-matrix effect 6: Switch effect: Different flips switches with different viewing angle
dot-matrix effect 7: Three-dimensional effect: word has fasle three-dimensional effect, imitational 2D/3D hologram
dot-matrix effect 8: Micron text effect: line of font can be 0.02mm, letter can be in size of 0.12mm (1270 DPI)
dot-matrix effect 9: Random matrix: dots blink in different viewing angle

Holograms have a very distinctive tamper evident feature. Once the hologram is pasted on any product it cannot be removed. If tried to remove it self destroys.This is very useful for tamper proof and security applications. We have several types of tamper release as Full/Partial tamper tvident, VOID tamper evident, ORIGINAL tamper evident bee hive tamper evident, customized name after tamper as well.